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Sundeep Koachar is an internationally acclaimed celebrity astrologer , Delhi based astrologer who has provided astrological and intuitive consultations. He treats astrology as a sacred science and not as a matter of commercial pursuit. Mr Sandeep Kochhar has done various courses from AIFAS and Lal Bahadur Shastri Sanskrit Vidyapeeth. Mr Sandeep Kochhar is currently pursuing M.Phil in the field of astrology. Mr Sandeep Kochhar has always had an interest in palmistry right from his childhood days and is quite adept at face reading too.

Mr. Koachar is a man of simple living and high thinking. Mr Sandeep Kochhar's friendly approach towards his clients is very well appreciated with the result the clients are at ease while asking personal questions. Mr Sandeep Kochhar's honest answers and combination of astrology, palmistry, numerology along with the study of the face brings out the best for the person in question. His answers to queries according to Prashan Lagna are effective and satisfactory. People who have asked questions have developed faith, as his predictions have been mostly accurate.

Mr Sandeep Kochhar's suggested remedies for overcoming the setbacks and obstacles in life have helped many of his clients to achieve positive results. He believes, stones can help in getting rid of negative energies and bad vibes around us. However, precaution should be taken while selecting and wearing the same. Similarly Mantras, Puja- Path and donations can also help us clear our paths. Mr Sandeep Kochhar strongly believes that a personís sense of intuition can be developed further by meditation and offering daily prayers/puja. Meditation helps people to heal, grow and prosper. His daily practice of meditation helps him to understand the Antaratma (soul).

Mr Sandeep Kochhar's clientele includes film stars, cricketers, politicians and he has very successfully resolved their career related queries.Sandeep Says "Empowering people to visualise their course of destiny so that they will be capable of understanding and stimulating their life according to the person, place and time.